Aluminum Wiregate Carabiners (Pair)

$ 9.95

Color: Gold

This lightweight Aluminum Carabiner is a full strength wire gate biner that's sturdy enough to withstand years of serious use, yet light enough to never weigh you down and is perfect for setting up your hammock in a breeze.

The wire gates make them quick to open one-handed and prevent accidental snagging and ripping. Whether you're hanging on the most remote trails or a weekend jaunt closer to home, the Breeze Biner is up for the challenge!

  • Material: Aluminum 7075
  • Strength: 19kN (4300 lbs)
  • Gate: Bent Wire
  • Height: 79mm
  • Weight: 23 grams
  • Finish: Anodized
  • Not for Climbing
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Customer Reviews

Based on 17 reviews
Sherry (Alexandria, VA)
Biners always have uses

These particular biners went on a hammock, but I use biners for all sorts of things and always have at least one on my pack. They hang nearly everything to keep it off the ground. Oh, yeah, they're key chains too

John Cooper (Lynchburg, VA)
Great quality

Great lightweight option for hanging food bag PTC style. Also for ridge line carabiners.

Bianca Blake (Los Angeles, CA)
Lightweight yet incredibly strong!

I cannot believe how light theese are! I'm switching to hammock backpacking just because of these. Haha well maybe not only the carabiners but also your amazing starter hammock. It is supercomfortable!! It takes just a few minutes before I drift into a nap. These gold carabiners make it supereasy to set up my hammock within just a few minutes love love thank you!

Will (Akron, OH)
Simple and solid

Set up hammock stands with 4x4 posts and chains in the backyard. The chains caused small indents on the carabiners, bought replacements to use with straps on hikes, simple and solid product.

John LaMontagne
Great customer service.

Issue (missing part) resolved quickly without any hassle! Obviously take great pride in products and customer service.