Meadow Mat Waterproof Ground Mat

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Color: Horizon
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This waterproof picnic blanket is lightweight, durable, and will keep your belongings and bottom dry when sitting on the wet ground. Use the attached straps and handle to roll it up and carry to your destination, and use the built in corner loops to stake it down when it gets windy. It’s easy to wash and rolls up tight, so take a seat and stay a while.


  • Waterproof material protects you and your belongs from dirty, soggy ground — No more wet butts!
  • Corner loops allow for staking down to avoid wind troubles
  • Integrated straps and handle allow for easy transport and storage
  • Easy to wash; be sure to store completely dry to avoid mold
  • Lifetime Guarantee

Tech Specs:

  • Material: 150 D Poly TPE Coating, 150 D Brushed Polyester


  • Dimensions: Folded—15 x 6 x 4-inches Unfolded—84 x 55-inches
  • Weight: 1.6 lbs
  •  Capacity: 1-8 people


  • Dimensions: Folded—14 x 3.5 x 3.5-inches Unfolded—55 x 55-inches
  • Weight: 1.4 lbs
  • Capacity: 1-4 People



Hammock Warning

Customer Reviews

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Gregory French (Chicago, IL)
Great Quality!

To start, this is really great quality and the material is very strong, yet flexible. I am extremely happy with this in all ways. Here is what I love about this:
1. It actually is waterproof. Some waterproof blankets advertise as waterproof, but in actuality are not. This one definitely is!
2. It is the most versatile of any waterproof blanket I could find - being sand resistant and waterproof, I appreciate that is has multiple functions. (The top won't catch sand like regular blanket or towel would, but is not crunchy like a tarp would be.) This also makes it much easier to clean.
3. It is very thoughtfully designed so that it is extremely lightweight to carry and packable. I have the large and the medium size, both fold up to fit inside a backpack. Huge plus for those that want to travel with this, or even if you are just carrying gear and want to minimize bulk.

If you are thinking about what size fits you best, this might help: While the site advertises the medium at up to 4 people and the large at up to 8 people, it would be a really tight to fit the maximum advertised capacity of either. The medium is probably best suited for 2 people and the large is probably best suited for 4 people. My only other suggestion would be to think about making an XL size that is square - possibly 84"x84", which would make a square out of the longest side of the large. Great product overall, would highly recommend!

Katie Laatsch (Brandon, FL)
Solid little mat!

I've had other mats that were supposed to be waterproof that could not hold up to wet ground and ended up soaking through leaving butts embarrassingly wet. This mat is not that mat! Nothing is getting through this fabric. It is the perfect ground mat for under my hammock. The small mat gives plenty of room for me to lay out my pack and my stuff and have it near me without having to worry about it getting wet. The fact that it matches my hammock delights the heck out of me!


Great picnic mat and great customer service!

Ludwig (North Vancouver, BC)
Snow, sand or rain, it won't let you down

Use this as a ground mat under my hammock. No rain is getting through this thing and no tarp can compare.

Ben Sharp (Farmington, UT)
The Mother of all Mats

This thing is super durable! Love the look and feel of the material and it works for literally everything and anything. We've used it at parades, parks, in the dirt or on the road/cement for the past couple months and it has held up great so far.