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Stand for Hammock
Hangout Hammock Stand
Portable Hammock Stand
Hangout Hammock Stand
Hangout Hammock Stand
Hangout Hammock Stand
Hangout Hammock Stand

Hangout Hammock Stand

Regular price $ 169.95

We've been telling you to #HangAnywhere for a while...introducing the Grand Trunk Hammock Stand!


The Hangout Hammock Stand sets up and breaks down in a breeze, hang your single, double or any parachute nylon hammock with included hammock straps, take it anywhere with its carry case! Car camping, beach camping, and glamping, now the hammock camping possibilities are endless.


  • 11'6" x 4' x 4"
  • 32 lbs
  • Holds up to 400lbs
  • The specially designed mount points, plus 18" trunk straps, means the Hangout Hammock Stand will fit any hammock under 11' long
  • Includes a carry bag for convenient portability!

Customer Reviews

Based on 7 reviews

Heavy duty frame but easy to move across the yard. Here's my question: anybody have a system for setting up a tarp over the hammock & frame? I have a few ideas but why re-invent the wheel if one of you has already figured it out. I was hoping to just connect the tarp to the top loops on the frame but my tarp is a bit too long and I'd like it a bit higher. Youtube sites to suggest?

Best shit ever!

It's like my dream Item, wish they have more upgrade version.

Easy, Simple, Sturdy and Fun

Recently bought two of these hammock stands and could not be happier. I've spent a lot of time in mine with the GT double parachute I have and love it. These stands are easy to set up and break down, although they are a little heavy they are super sturdy. I've even hung in mine under a tarp and used a ridge line. Totally worth it!

Overall good product

Overall it's a good product. The 2 things I wish were different are:
1) the hammock could be adjusted tighter between the two ends.
2) there was some way of running a ridgeline to drape a tarp over the top.

New frame for the future

Having first discovered hammocking in 2003, I have used the same frame consisting of hardwood arms and legs held together by square box section steel, however, the welded seams tended to rust badly and needed to be re-welded a few years ago. The Hang-out is therefore my back-up frame for the future. It arrived here in the UK in the Grand Trunk box without damage to the bubble wrapped tubular steel pieces and my wfe and I managed to put it together very easily. I tried it out - very stable and just the right height for hanging Grand Trunk hammocks. Highly recommended and great service from Grand Trunk team at Skokie - Thank you!

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