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Parasheet Beach Blanket
Parasheet Beach Blanket
Parasheet Beach Blanket
Parasheet Beach Blanket
Parasheet Beach Blanket
Parasheet Beach Blanket

Parasheet Beach Blanket

Regular price $ 39.95 now $ 29.95

Lunar Jade
Sandia Mix
Arctic Blast
Pink Flare
Berry Bronzed
Blue Lagoon

Parachute Beach Blanket


The Grand Trunk parasheet beach blanket is the best beach blanket you’ll ever own. Take this parachute beach blanket with you wherever you go, whether it’s the lake, the ocean, a park, or on a camping trip. The Grand Trunk parasheet blanket features convenient sand pockets to prevent gusts of wind from blowing it around, it’s sand-proof, quick-dry and machine washable material. For ultimate stability on firmer ground, each parachute beach blanket includes handy stake loops. These blankets are spacious and able to accommodate your family and your beach or camping gear. Get your light-weight packable parasheet blanket today and lounge without hassles in the beauty of nature.


  • Use this blanket anywhere!
  • Sand pockets to help keep your blanket grounded on the beach
  • Stake loops to keep it grounded on firmer ground


  • Capacity

    Two Full Grown Loungers + your gear + a Pup

  • Dimensions


  • Material

    100% Parachute Nylon

  • Weight


Customer Reviews

Based on 9 reviews

Great price and quality

Just as advertised!

Took the parasheet to the beach. It was lightweight, compact, easy to toss in a beach bag, easy to get out of the carrying case (and easier than I would have thought to get back in), and easy to set up. It did take two of us to get it weighted down with sand, only because it was incredibly windy, but one of us could have managed it with a little more trouble. Once we had sand in the pockets it didn't budge, even with the wind. Sand that got on top of the sheet didn't stick; you could brush it away no problem. The beach was full of broken shells and I worried the parasheet would get ripped, but it seems to be tougher than it looks and held up just fine. And the colors were nice and bright and as expected. So basically, 10/10 would parasheet again.

The Parasheet is Perfect

Small enough to go anywhere. Big enough to be useful in the park, on the beach or in the backyard. Well-designed, lightweight and ready to tackle the great outdoors.

Just what I needed

I love how the blanket has the pouch attached to it so you never have to worry about losing it. I had an easy time pulling it out and laying it down then shaking off the sand and stuffing it back in the pouch. The size of the blanket is perfect; definitely a great amount of space and you don’t feel cramped. Two things I wasn’t 100% happy with: color (the mint/orange one is more of a mint/red)/ and the other small downer was the price. I wish it costs just a tiny bit less. But all in all, I love it and can’t wait to enjoy this blanket for many years to come!

Can't Beach without it!

I constantly find myself saying "why didn't I think of this?" We never set out for a beach trip without this blanket. No more fuss about the sand getting stuck to every little crevice of your towels and the material does not make you feel sticky or hot. My husband and I are very tall as well and we fit on this very comfortably. Its also incredibly packable and light. Must buy.

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