Grand Trunk Hammock colorful Batik Print

I remember thinking it was a good idea. Hanging a hammock in Yosemite along the river and resting in the shade was what I really wanted to do. But as I lugged my 20 pounds of Ecuadorian cloth woven into a beautiful hammock complete with tassels over a mile from the Curry Village camp, I realized I had made a big mistake. I might enjoy the rest in the hammock, but I also had to carry the monster back when I was done! I have always loved hammocks, from the first time as a young girl I rested in a net one in Central America to my most recent camping trip. Most surprising to me, however, is how much hammocks have changed and improved over the years – and now it seems like everyone wants one! This summer my kids and I were visiting Hume Lake Christian Camps and there were hammocks strung in front of cabins, in the trees near the lake, and for sale in the Gift Shop. Back when I was camping as a girl, I remember my dad struggling with rope to get the hammock tied to the tree. It took forever to get the tension just right, then he would oh-so-carefully try to position his body in the tight cocoon so that he didn’t flip over.

If you think hammocks aren’t for you – I’m here to tell you that they are one of man’s best inventions. They are nap machines, comfortable seats to read in, double seats for kids to swing in, and a must-have for every family.

I handed my 8- and 10-year-olds the trunk straps and brand new hammock and within 2 minutes they had it hung perfectly between two trees. It is simple enough for anyone to hang due to the ingenious design of trunk straps and caribiners. I love this! Lightweight nylon and nautical-grade carabiners make the hammocks from Grand Trunk an excellent choice, but their range of fun colors and prints make them stand out among the trees as a best pick. Love the USA? Proud of your state? Choose your favorite from their flag series and #HangAnywhere with pride. Grand Trunk supports the Trees for US Program that helps protect our national forests. I especially love the bright colors of the blue batik pattern. For some reason, hanging in a beautiful fabric just makes me happy!

Purchase a hammock plus trunk straps to complete your hanging needs and to hang between two trees with ease. 1 hammock and 1 set of trunk straps weigh about 2 pounds combined. A small stuff sack is attached to the hammock to make packing it up easy. 

Recommended for: backyards, camping trips, day hikes, the beach, and picnics.

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