portable hammock stand

So you've snapped out of your state of "should I's" and finally decided to invest in a portable hammock stand. Congratulations, you're in for a true treat!

You can now partake in the ultimate form of relaxed, unrestricted lounging. You are soon to be without bounds!

A portable hammock stand frees you from the confines of your home, yard, or whatever place of installment. And instead, you can post up almost anywhere and embark upon a transcendent relaxation.  

A portable hammock is a wonderful investment, one you definitely will not regret. But before you buy just any portable hammock stand, you need to know what exactly to look for when you make your purchase.

Why You Need a Portable Hammock Stand

Okay, so you already know why you need one. But in the effort to resolve any persisting nagging doubts, we have to explain exactly why a portable hammock stand is a must. 

Along with the above-mentioned benefit (partaking in the ultimate form of lounging), a portable hammock stand will also allow you to pitch your hammock anywhere! 

Consider taking your portable hammock stand on your next trip to the park, beach, lake, music festival—it's great for just about any public place. It'll also allow you to transform an average experience into something else, something you'd find only on Instagram or travel blogs. 

Another reason why you need a portable hammock stand is if you plan on going hammock camping and are in an area that does not have many trees, a portable hammock stand ensures that you're covered.

It serves as an added form of "insurance". Rest assured that you can pitch your hammock regardless of your location's landscape or your knowledge in comfortably pitching a hammock

It's also worth noting that portable hammock stands are "tree-friendly." Trees are living, "breathing" (respiration through photosynthesis) beings just like ourselves. The constant pitching of hammocks (when done so incorrectly) is damaging to their branches. 

While you can use tree straps, some people simply don't. Or if they do, they do so incorrectly, damaging the tree in the process. This isn't a concern though when you use a portable hammock stand! This is the way to be eco-friendly, respectful of nature while enjoying what it has to offer.

What to Look for in a Portable Hammock Stand

There are only a handful of factors that truly play a role in choosing your portable hammock stand. These factors include the size of a portable hammock stand, material that it's made of, weight capacity, price (affordability and longevity should determine price), carrying case, and of course, we cannot forget the setup (it has to simple and easy to set up for anyone). 


It entirely defeats the purpose of having a portable hammock stand if the stand happens to be so large that it diminishes its portability. So while this is an obvious given, don't let it be an oversight. 

You want your portable hammock stand to be just that, portable. If it becomes a burden, too large to bring on your impromptu "Adventure Time" then it does not serve its purpose and you should reconsider your purchase. 

But at the same time, if you are a larger person or intend on using your portable hammock with some sitting company, let's say a friend or companion, perhaps you do want a larger portable hammock.

Therefore, you'd probably want a large enough stand to support the weight of two. This leads perfectly to our second specification to put into consideration. 

Weight Capacity

Every hammock, regardless of the type, be it portable, spreader bar, traditional, tree, chair, swing chair, and so on, has a weight capacity. 

This is simply for safety precautions. Nothing is worse than falling butt-first or face-first onto the ground, abruptly interrupting a moment of relaxation, or worse, a nap.  

Keeping safety in mind, make sure to check out the weight capacity. Especially if you intend on using your portable hammock stand with another person simultaneously. You'll thank us later. 


The majority of portable hammock stands, well the hammock itself, are made with nylon as its material. Nylon is known for being lightweight and having a fast dry time. They're ideal because of their functionality. 

Cotton, on the other hand, is heavier. This material is entirely opposed to the former. While cotton gives the illusion of traditional hammocks, you trade this off for a lack of functionality, increase in weight (of the hammock due to the material), and lack of portability.

Again, as we stated, nylon is typically used for portable hammocks, and the hammocks that come with portable hammock stands. However, if you have a portable hammock made of cotton on your wishlist and you're considering purchasing it, think hard as typically enthusiasts typically go nylon. This material is also easy to wash, dry with a low fiber dissipation rate (Helping you use it for longer and more robust uses over the long term).


Price is another factor to put into consideration when purchasing a portable hammock stand. If you want the more comfortable uses, don't go cheap. Invest in a good portable hammock stand, even if you think the price is slightly steep. 

If it isn't obvious enough, a poorly designed portable hammock stand poses safety concerns. This is simple.

If the portable hammock stand is made with cheap material, that material will not withstand the test of time, fluctuations of user(s) weight, changes in weather, consistent setup and deconstruction, and will break while in use. 

Remember the butt-first/head-first scenario?

Carrying Case

Your portable hammock stand carrying case is another factor that determines the hammock stand's portability. If you plan on using your portable hammock stand for a variety of events  of both impromptu and planned adventures, then you want a carrying case that is " portability friendly". 

This is may seem like another no-brainer; however, not all carrying cases are made the same or for the same functionality. So be keen to look out and ensure that whatever portable hammock stand you're considering purchasing, has a carrying case best suited for your intended use. 


Finally, our last point to consider when purchasing your next portable hammock stand, setup. This one is particularly important.

Do not invest in a portable hammock stand with a setup that is convoluted and confusing. This is typically found in cheap portable hammock stands (another reason why you should not buy a cheaply made hammock stand). 

How do you discern a convoluted and confusing setup from one that is user-friendly? Check out the reviews.

Yep, another simple and "on the nose" answer, but it is tried and tested and is guaranteed to help you and your discernment. So do just that. 

Look at the reviews on the website you intend on purchasing your portable hammock stand. What are people saying? 

Are they ranting and raving about how easy the setup was and how great the portable hammock stand is? Or are they disillusioned and disappointed with the setup due to its over-complication and seemingly useless parts in the setup process?

Reviews are your best way to determine whether or not the portable hammock stand as worthy of your dollar.

We Have Just the Stand for You

So, where do you buy your portable hammock stand? 

After our list of "points to put into consideration", we can imagine that you may have scratched out some portable hammock stands you had on your list. 

But hey, no worries. We at Grand Trunk have just the portable hammock stand that meets the points of consideration, has a simple 4-step setup, and the reviews to prove it's capabilities as well as its worth. 

Our hammock stand is made with Gorilla-Grade steel tubing with powder-coated, with a weight capacity of 400lbs or 181kgs. You won't compromise this high-grade quality material for weight either; the stand alongside the slim-fit carry case, our hammock stand weighs in at 32lbs (or the average weight of a toddler). 

And if you're in need of a hammock to accompany this hammock stand, we have an amazing lineup of hammocks that always come with a Lifetime Warranty! We recommend our TrunkTech Double Hammock due to its incredibly soft TrunkTech Ripstop Nylon fabric. 

Grand Trunk Is the Go-to Hammock Source

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If you're unsure or have any persisting questions, feel free to contact us (you'll talk to an actual human). We're here to answer any concerns you may have before making your purchase.