Setup for first time Hammockers

You’ve taken the first step in the right direction… to your next great adventure! With your GrandTrunk hammock, you’ll be ready wherever the road takes you. Get hanging in no time by following these easy steps to set up your hammock. 

  1. Find a pristine spot to hang. Whether it’s between two trees on the side of a mountain or in the midst of park benches, locate two sturdy points to connect the ends of your hammock. 
  2. Each GrandTrunk hammock comes with a starter rope kit so you can hang right out of the pack. To use the rope kit, wrap the rope around a sturdy object and place the knotted end of the rope through the looped end. 
  3. Once your rope is looped, pull it tight around the object.
  4. Attach the carabiners on each end of your hammock to the knot setting on the rope.
  5. Kick back and relax. 

Once your hammock is set up, ease into it however you please and always abide by safe hanging guidelines. We advise that you hang no more than 18” off the ground and never stack hammocks on top of each other. 

How To Use Trunk Straps

All of our hammocks come with a rope hanging kit, but a set of Trunk Straps are the perfect upgrade for the avid adventurer. At 10ft long, the straps let you hang anywhere you can imagine and cut the set-up time in half. 

  1. Once you’ve found the perfect spot to relax, wrap you TrunkStrap around a sturdy object and thread the strap through the loop at the end. 
  2. Pull the strap tight around the object. 
  3. Attach your hammock with the provided carabiner clip to any of the 18 adjustment points sewn into the TrunkStraps. 

Trunk Straps go anywhere and allow you to get creative with your hammock. You can attach them to just about anything that will hold your weight. Don’t be limited by wrappable objects either. Try securing your TrunkStraps into a closed car door for your off-roading adventures. 

How to Set Up the Abrigo Rain Fly
The Abrigo Rain Fly offers a range of protection. With 13’ of diagonal coverage and 16 reinforced guy points, the possibilities are limited only by your imagination. Here are a few ways to get the most out of your Abrigo Rain Fly. 

Diagonal Setup

  1. Hang the opposite corners of the rain fly between the two anchor points that your hammock is attached to using the guy lines included in your pack. 
  2. Stake down the two free hanging corners of the rain fly below your hammock. 
  3. Kick back from the elements. 


  1. Attach the rain fly between two anchor points using the guy-point in the middle of the rainfly. 
  2. Stake down all four corners of the Abrigo Rain Fly below your hammock. 

The A-frame setup completely covers your hammock and creates a roof for the rain to roll off. You can hang underneath or store your gear for an adventure free from the elements. 

Square and Simple

If you’ve got two hiking poles (not included), you can make an easy and simple shelter with your rain fly that covers all the essentials. 

  1. Stick two hiking poles upright in the ground at least 9’6” away from each other and about 9’6” away from two anchor points. Hook two corners of the rain fly onto the handles of the hiking poles. 
  2. Secure the last two corners to two anchor points using guy lines. 
  3. Camp underneath or store your gear.

Lean-To Shelter

Get creative with your rain fly and easily use it as a lean-to shelter. It’s a quick and easy setup to shield you from the wind, sun or prying eyes on a busy trail. 

  1. Find two anchor points to string your Abrigo Rain Fly between.
  2. Tie the suspension cord around one anchor point. 
  3. Thread the suspension point through the guy-points on one edge of the rain fly. 
  4. Tie the suspension cord to the opposite anchor point. Position the rain fly in the middle of the suspension cord and spread it out for full coverage. 
  5. Stake the bottom edge of the rain fly to the ground at an angle. Set-up camp behind the lean-to for a break from the wind or some much needed shade. 

A lean-to is a versatile shelter that can be set up in a variety of ways to fit your needs. If you have two hiking poles, you can use those to stake down your lean-to at a higher level as well. Whatever you use it for, it’s there to keep you shielded from the elements and adventure ready. 

How to Set Up the Mozzy Net 
Don’t let the bugs bring you down! Setting up a Mozzy Net is easy and takes less than 5 minutes from start to finish so you can campout in comfort. 

  1. Hang up your hammock.
  2. Each Mozzy Net comes with a sewn in top rope to keep it taut above your hammock, dowel rods to create elbow room and stakes to keep it in place. Once you unpack it, slide the net over your hammock. There are two drawstring openings at each end of the Mozzy Net to do so.
  3.  Once your hammock is cocooned inside the net, wrap and tie each end of the top rope around the tree trunks or anchor objects of your choosing. We suggest tying them above your TrunkStraps. 
  4. Assemble the collapsable dowel rods included with the net. At each end, there are two black pockets where the rods attach. Fit the rod ends into the pockets to widen the net. 
  5. Secure the bottom of the net with stakes.
  6. Enter and exit your skeeter free shelter through the double-sided zipper and enjoy the night!

The Mozzy Net has enough room for you and all your gear. Store your packs on the bathtub bottom to keep the bugs out. It also doubles as protection for your pets with enough room for them to stretch out beneath the hammock. 

How to Use Tree Slings

Tree Slings are an ideal way to hang without damaging the trees you are using. The nylon tree webbing protects and keeps your hammock in place. 

  1. Find a strong anchor point and wrap your Tree Slings around it with the protective webbing touching the tree. About 5 feet high. 
  2. Pull the pre-knotted end of the slings through the looped end and pull tight. 
  3. Clip in with one of the pre-made knots, or make your own. 
  4. Relax and enjoy the views!
How to Setup the Skeeter Beeter Pro Hammock

The Skeeter Beeter Pro Hammock is a necessity for summer camping. It keeps the bugs out so you can sit back and sway, not swat!

  1. Your Skeeter Beeter comes ready to hang with a rope kit. Find two sturdy anchor points 9-10ft apart to get setup. 
  2. Wrap your rope around the anchor point at about 5 feet high and pull the pre-knotted end through the loop. Pull tight. 
  3. Once your rope is wrapped tightly around the anchor point, clip your hammock in one of the knots provided on the rope (or make your own). 
  4. Now that the hammock is set-up, loop the included suspension cord through  two of the elastic loops on top of the netting. Tie off one end of the suspension cord above the rope on your anchor point. 
  5. Using the free end of the suspension cord, pull tight and wrap around the opposite anchor point. 
  6. String the rest of the suspension cord through the remaining elastic on the netting.
  7. Pull the cord tight and tie the remainder of the suspension cord to the first anchor point you used. 
  8. Unzip the netting and plop in. 
Hang tight knowing the bugs can’t bite in your cocoon of ultimate protection. When the sun sets and the mosquitoes swarm, we’ve got your back. Check out this video for a quick guide to setting up your Skeeter Beeter Pro.