Grand Trunk Badassadors are just that: bad ass. As some of the best and most influential action sports athletes in the world they appreciate the adventurous spirit of our brand and integrate our products into their daily life. Whether it’s hanging between sets, or taking a break from a grueling ride, Badassadors know how relax almost as well as they know how to stay grinding.


Pro Surfer  |  @whoisjob


 Jamie O'Brien has made for himself in the world of professional surfing because he's doing things that nobody else is doing. He's a freesurfer, meaning he’s not chasing contest wins or world titles. He's out traveling the world and filming stunning video footage of surfing in epic locales that's capturing an audience worldwide. 

View his most epic video footage - JOB ON Fire


Professional Bike Rider  |  Watch CVD Here 

Chris Van Dine is a professional mountain biker that grew up in the small Appalachian town of Jim Thorpe, Pennsylvania. He is a natural athlete possessing a special blend of skills, but has never chased contests or titles.  Over the last fifteen years he has stayed true to his own autonomously adventurous path - way off the beaten path.  With solo expeditions from Denali to lost Inca ruins deep in the Vilcabamba jungle of South America, to wild urban POV videos, to building tracks and bringing bikes and tools into some of the most dangerous neighborhoods and maximum security prisons of Central America - CVD goes deep and pioneers bonds like no one else.  (His disarming passion to help marginalized youth and fearlessness on and off the bike have developed a unique and powerful network of friends around the globe which enable him to connect some interesting dots.)  He always keeps us guessing, and now he brings his Grand Trunk hammock wherever he goes...

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