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Mozzy Net
Mozzy Net

Mozzy Net

Regular price $ 69.95

With most mosquito nets, you're lucky to have head room.


Our mosquito net offers that and more: a set of spreader bars provides elbow room and a comfortable space for you to hang. The integrated, stake-compatible floor gives your pack, boots, and even your trusty pooch a place to call a bug-free hammock home.


  • Spreader Bars
  • Mozzy Netting
  • Stuff Sack
  • Guy Lines 
  • Lifetime Warranty


  • Floor Size

    90" x 32"

  • Includes

    Mozzy Netting, Stuff Sack, Spreader Bars, and Guy Lines

  • Net Size

    144" x 32"

Customer Reviews

Based on 5 reviews
Best you can buy!

This is the best mosquito net available. It allows air to flow, It keeps the mosquitoes far away from you and allows you to keep gear in the bottom on the floor. You can get in to the hammock while zipped inside the net standing comfortably. Itallows you to change clothes get in your gear or make afjustments inside. It is very sturdy. I have 2 sons that are 13 and 17 and we have used the same nets for at least 4 seasons with no damage or compromise to the net. They're amazing!

Pleasantly Surprise

I was pleasantly surprised by this bug net. At first it seemed so much bigger than the bug nets I'm used to, but I liked it for the massive amount of headroom, as well as the integrated ground tarp. It was easy to lay out all my gear and can easily be used for ground camping if needed. I only have 2 criticisms. 1. It is much too large for backpacking (although perfect for car camping, so take that as you choose.) And 2. I would have liked a darker color option besides just white, like gray or black. I would ding it a star for those 2 things, but I have to give it back because it comes with a guyline AND aluminum stakes (the stakes were not listed in the description.) I haven't found another decent bugnet that comes with all the extras. All in all though it is a great bug net and very roomy. Highly recommended if weight and size aren't a problem.


I love my mozzynet! The only thing I found was that I could not pull the cord to string through the top tight enough to keep it up out of my face. I switched it for a couple ratchet/canoe straps and found that to be much more efficient easy way to make it work. I slept like a baby!


I purchased this for my girlfriend to go with her grand trunk nano hammock. She was super excited and couldn't wait to try it out. First go around took a second or two to figure out how to set it up, but it really wasn't that hard at all. It's pretty intuitive and she loved having the extra space that the poles provided. I personally have a different brand of bug net that doesn't have the space she has with this Mozzy net and I'm a bit jealous. She was able to store things on the floor and move around a bit before getting in her hammock with this bug net. It's heavier than mine, but that sacrifices comfort in my opinion. Overall this was a great buy and am happy to support Grand Trunk.

Awesome mosquito net!

I love the built in floor! Enough space for one or two small people to sit and play cards/organize your pack/etc.
Being able to hang it higher above your face is good.
Not very small or lightweight, but honestly the space you get with it is worth it. Like having a tent, but not!

*my only complaint is the first time I used it, one of the loops that the string goes through to hang it up broke, so now I have only two. It still works okay, but I'm leaving on my 5-week trip in 2 days and have no time to return/replace it. Am hoping when I return from the trip and explain to Grand Trunk they will be able to replace it. The one I received may have just been faulty and not representative of all the Mozzy Nets.

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