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Why we're giving away a $10,000 camper to Celebrate America's Outdoors

We came up with the #GetOutAndGO project along with The Dyrt to conduct a virtual tour of the US celebrating America's outdoors with a new location daily and prizes along the way.

This spring, we're undertaking a massive mission: highlight the beauty of America's outdoors beyond the monolithic treasures we're used to seeing.

We all know how beautiful Yosemite and Yellowstone are. In any season, you're bound to find a new image highlighting their beauty in your news feed or even on your desktop. This is entirely justified, as these places are temples of nature's wonder. 

But there's more out there.

In fact, there's a lot more to celebrate, and a lot of it is closer to home than we might think.

There are incredible outdoor spaces across the country, but they aren't celebrated nearly as often as they should be.

Sometimes, we just need to Get Out and GO

Which is exactly why we came up with the #GetOutAndGO project along with The Dyrt. Together, along with 20+ other incredible brands, we're conducting a virtual tour of the US celebrating a new location every day. 

Every day, a new stop on this virtual 40-day road trip, highlighted by a different brand. All of these stops add up to one truth: America's outdoors make this country great, and they're worth celebrating. 

As part of the celebration, you can enter to win a different $100 prize each day, as well as the grand prize $10,000 SylvanSport GO camper. The location and the prizes provide information on the one hand and gear on the other, all in the interest of helping us each get outdoors more this spring and summer. 

Follow along and enter the trip at and be sure to like us on Facebook to stay in the loop. 

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