City Hangs - 3 Places to Hang in Any City

As Labor Day approaches, many wanderers will be setting off on an adventure for the long weekend, looking to find themselves lost in the wonders of nature. Meanwhile, many more will be finding their adventure in the spectacles of the city, no matter the size. This article is directed toward the latter.

While nature provides endless opportunities to hang a hammock, aka trees, by no means is this the playground they are obliged to remain. With a little creativity, definitely a bit of ingenuity, hammocks can be stung up almost anywhere, especially in the city. Here are our 3 favorite.


The Pool

    Every city-kid’s dream… have a pool in your backyard. As a child, the pool was a place of anticipation, excitement and pure bliss. Why should that change? Find yourself a man-made body of water, string up your favorite hammock, sit back and remind yourself of the simpler times. One of our favorite Instagram accounts @Surf06 has got this pool hammocking thing down. See for yourself!



    On a Rooftop

      If you are a big city dweller you know how amazing the views can get from the top of a tall building, or any building for that matter. Finding your way to the roof of a building can be an adventure in and of itself. Now, we are not saying break any rules in order to obtain access to a beautiful rooftop, but if you know where to find one we suggest taking advantage of it. The rooftop at Eugenie Terrace is our favorite spot in Chicago.

      hammocking on Eugence Terrace, Chicago

      On/Under a Bridge

        Bridges connect us, they allow us to reach places we may not be able to reach on our own and transport us to other lands. This world could not have been explored and adventured were it not for the help of these great wonders we take for granted. Every city has one, go find it. The dangers they provide safe passage over can create remarkable spectacles. Here’s some proof. 

        What to pack for your city hangs-

        While the city does provide ample resources, the purpose of a hang is to put your feet up and chill out. So make sure you bring a couple of things to make it a bit more comfortable.


        That summer sun is almost gone and, while we are going to miss it when it is, it’s still beating down. I know this sounds like a “Duh, of course” situation but I promise that it’s also a “you don’t know you need them, until you don’t have them” situation. For this we recommend checking out Zeal Optics. They have high quality sunglasses in a million different styles and colors. Really good stuff.

        Water Bottle

        See above ^^^ about “Duh, Of Course” and the “need them, don’t have them”. That sun creates a nasty thirst and hydration is important. Maybe pack something a little stronger than water, it is a holiday after all. If a good time is what you’re looking for, we recommend a Mizu party bottle. Leave those red solo cups at home.


        Travel, stay home, relax, celebrate, do whatever your heart desires but, most importantly, have fun this holiday weekend. That’s what they’re here for!