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Black Trunk Friday

It’s Black Trunk Friday! We’re a little early. Find out why….

You are an adventurer, a hiker, a hammocker, an explorer. Like us, you crave the open road and are driven by the curiosity of the unknown. As the holidays approach, disconnect from the day-to-day noise, seize the opportunity to gather with family and friends to discover something new, about your town, the world, yourself.

Here at Grand Trunk, this time of year comes with a deep sense of gratitude for the people and places that have made us who we are.  It is a season of gift giving, yes, but more so it is a season of giving our time. Travelling to see your loved ones or just enjoying time off work to reconnect with yourself. For all these reasons Grand Trunk will be shutting down all of our operations, including our distribution center and customer service, from Thursday, November 26th to Sunday, November 29th. We are encouraging all of our staff to go home, grab their loved ones and find adventure.

In order to encourage you to do the same we are bringing you Trunk Friday, on November 20. Instead of spending your holiday weekend scrambling through lone check-out lines or glued to Amazon for the best deals, we are bringing you our best deals a whole week early!

Take your holiday weekend to find inspiration. The road beacons with promise and your day off should be spent soaking in every ounce of it you can.

Find out more about our Grand Love Affair with Adventure, watch:

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