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New Year's Resolutions: Outdoors Edition

Written by Meredith Strodel of @hammockliving

I definitely want to read more in 2016. And eat more veggies. And call my mom more often. And do more random acts of kindness for loved ones and strangers alike… Along with so many other things I’ve carried over from years past and created anew for what’s important in my life today. Which brings me to a specific subset of New Year’s resolutions that pertain particularly to the great outdoors. This (still-evolving) list includes:

·       Keep the amazing adventures going and knock off at least three more travel bucket list destinations here on the West Coast. I like to keep this list simple and therefore (hopefully) achievable. Options for a long weekend getaway include the Grand Canyon, Arches National Park, Hawaii, Sedona and Red Rocks, to name a few. In 2015, we took our hammock out and conquered Yosemite, many parts of the Eastern Sierras on several trips, Joshua Tree a couple of times, Michigan for Electric Forest, Indio for Coachella, and ventured overseas and across borders to Mexico, Spain and Italy.

·       Host a hammock meet-up in LA. I’ve been wanting to do this for a while and just need to plan it already. Maybe National Hammock Day – July 22, 2016. Who’s in?! I’m excited to finally connect “IRL” with some of the awesome HammockLiving community!

·       Go back to Havasupai. It’s hard to choose how to spend my limited vacation days off work, and it’s also hard to justify using them on places I’ve already been when there are so many other undiscovered (by me) spots to check out. BUT Havasupai really is a non-negotiable. At least for 2016… And then maybe it can be an every-other-year kind of thing.

·       Seriously, I mean it this time: more beach, more sunrises, more fresh air in general, more trying new things (in the outdoors) and more time spent in hammocks.




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